About Us

Since 2010, DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. and its affiliate Europhil (herein after “DolEx”), have reached many important milestones to achieve its Vision to become the preferred Financial Services Company in the U.S. and Spain to its Latin American customers by the establishment of new business relationships, acquiring new licenses, adding new product and service partners, new payer channels, acquisitions and much more. We strive to become the “Financial Services Supermarket” for the US and Spain Hispanic Markets. Our focus has been and continues to be positioning DolEx as one of the leading Financial Services Companies in the industry providing essential financial services to the underserved and underbanked US Hispanic Market.

In addition to its 525 proprietary retail branches, DolEx and Europhil have grown to over 2,500 agent locations as well as over 57,000 payout locations around the world. We will continue to achieve excellence in ensuring we offer the best service and high value in all our products and services!