We Are Family

We are Family

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced significant changes in our lives personally and financially. Millions of people are now unemployed across the world’s most developed nations in the most profitable industries.

After an exceptional decade of job growth, the U.S. came to a rapid stop as most employers were forced to cut millions of jobs all across the country.

The immigrant community is not the exception; many of our fellow Latinos work in industries heavily impacted by the pandemic, such as the hospitality and restaurant industries.

In the early days of the pandemic, we at DolEx took preventive measures to control the damage and preserve the operation as much as possible. We have indeed been affected as many other industries; nevertheless, we are blessed to have been able to safeguard our business and keep employed most of our personnel. Today DolEx and Europhil are in a strong financial condition and poised to be able to rebuild our business over the next few years.

I what to thank everyone in our organization for your efforts and hard work throughout these unprecedented times; it has indeed made a big difference. Also, I invite everyone to be thankful for belonging to the DolEx and Europhil Family; many people all around the world have not been blessed like us to be able to preserve our jobs, continue to provide for our families and continue to serve our beloved customers that are also struggling to survive.

Gracias & Adelante!


Mario Trujillo
Chairman, President, and CEO

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